Past Festivals

Every Metro Children’s Water Festival can be summarized in the booklet for that year. Each booklet contains information on the schools and classes that attended, the presenters, the arcade exhibits, the sponsors, and the planning commitee for that year.   You can experience a previous water festival through the photo albums on the site or by visiting our Facebook photo albums.

CWF 2018 booklet

CWF 2017 booklet

CWF 2016 booklet

CWF 2015 booklet

CWF 2014 booklet

CWF 2013 booklet

CWF 2012 booklet

CWF 2011 booklet

CWF 2010 booklet

CWF 2009 booklet

CWF 2008 booklet

CWF 2007 booklet

CWF 2006 booklet