About Us

The Metro Area Children’s Water Festival began in 1998, with its first festival being held at Fort Snelling. Since then, it has become a program of the Metro Conservation Districts and is held annually in September at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. It is designed to provide fourth-grade students with hands-on opportunities to learn about water and its importance to people and our natural environment. At past festivals, students have learned about things such as how scientists measure the quality of water, where the water goes when the toilet gets flushed, how tiny bugs can serve as indicators of water quality, the importance of wetlands, and basic water science. In past years, about 1,200-1,300 fourth-grade students have attended the festival from the seven metropolitan counties to celebrate our most precious resource: water.


The Metro Area Children’s Water Festival has been recognized nationally for its outstanding work in promoting awareness and understanding of water and environmental issues. It received the prestigious Public Education Award from the Water Environment Federation.