Lesson Plans

This page includes fun lesson plans from our partners to use however you choose. Click here to go back to the main 2020 virtual water festival page.

Water pollution on trial

Minnesota Pollution Control AgencyJoshua Burman, Pollution Control Specialist

In this court, the rights of water are protected! Students serve as jury and decide the outcome of a Minnesota water pollution court case.

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Engage, educate and inspire youth to help solve the global water crisis

H20 for LifeJudy Onufer and Mitchell LeGrand

Water around the world is in serious trouble! Your actions can become part of the solution. Through the story of The Water Princess, explore the use of water resources through the lens of another culture, especially where water is scarce, and share ideas to help change the world, one drop at a time. Learn how H20 for Life can partner with students in a service-learning experience that can change attitudes and behaviors while changing lives for students in a developing country. Save water, save life!

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Listen to the book: The Water Princess

Make it rain: Soil cover and erosion

Minnesota Department of AgricultureJen Schaust, Environmental Outreach Coordinator, and Jeppe Kjaersgaard, Research Scientist

Examine the impact of water on three different landscapes. Can one protect our soil and water more than another? What are farmers doing to protect our soils and water? What can you do?

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Trees, Roots, and Cleaner Water

USDA Forest ServiceTeri Heyer, Urban Connections

This activity features a root/water absorption experiment, measuring tree spread, and calculating how much bare soil is outside your school or home that may be a source of soil erosion and a potential water pollution problem. Lean about soil erosion, how trees can help reduce soil erosion, and how different sized roots absorb water!

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