We provide hands-on opportunities for students to learn about water and its importance to people and our environment.

Students learn how scientists measure water quality, the water cycle, where water goes when the toilet is flushed, how tiny bugs are indicators of water quality, the importance of wetlands, basic water science, and more. About 1,300 students from the seven county metropolitan counties celebrate our most precious resource: water. See our Facebook page.

The first Metro Area Children’s Water Festival was in 1998 at Fort Snelling in St. Paul. The festival is a program of the Metro Conservation Districts.

The festival is planned and implemented by water resource educators representing metro area counties and watersheds, state and federal agencies and non-profit organizations. Learning station presenters represent universities; state agencies such as Metropolitan Council, Pollution Control Agency, Department of Natural Resources and Mosquito Control District; federal agencies such as the Forest Service, National Parks Service and Department of Agriculture; counties; watersheds; engineering firms; and more.

Planning Committee

The festival planning committee is responsible for the planning and coordination of this annual festival. The committee includes representatives from multiple agencies around the Twin Cities Metro Area.

Abby Shea
Coon Creek Watershed District

Ann WhiteEagle
Ramsey County

Bill Olsen

Carley Schmidt
Anoka County Public Health and Environmental Services

Janine Kohn
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Project WET

Jessica Collin-Pilarski
Washington County Department of Public Health and Environment

Madeline Seveland
Carver County Water Management Organization

Michael Wagner
Anoka County Public Health and Environmental Services

Nanette Geroux
Metropolitan Council Environmental Services

Paula Liepold
Dakota County

Stacey Lijewski
Hennepin County

Vanessa Strong
Scott County Watershed Management Organization

Coviid-19 Virtual Festival

Due to COVID-19, a virtual festival was created and continues to be available. An in-person festival is planned for September 27, 2023.


The Water Environment Federation recognized the Metro Area Children’s Water Festival with the prestigious national Public Education Award for outstanding work in promoting awareness and understanding of water and environmental issues.