Check out the resources below to find some lesson plans for teachers and some fun activities to learn about water at home for parents and students!

Looking for the 2020 virtual water festival? Click here!

Big Sioux Water Festival

“Defenders of the Future Tackle Today’s Water Troubles” – a free story with lessons, activities, and resources to solve real-world problems for grades 4+

Discover Water – The Role of Water in Our Lives

H.O.M.E.School – Alliance for the Great Lakes

Waters to the Sea Mississippi River Adventure – an interactive story map from Hamline University Center for Global Environmental Education

Lakeville Environmental Resources for Educators - click on the "Water" tab

Aquatic Invasive Species Teacher Toolkit – Anoka County Parks and Anoka Conservation District

Fishing in the Neighborhood (FiN) – MN Department of Natural Resources

Adopt-a-Drain – Metro Watershed Partners: a coalition of over 40 public, private and nonprofit organizations in the Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota metropolitan area that, through collaborative educational outreach, teaches residents how to care for area water.

H20 for Life

Environmental Education Portal – Minnesota Association for Environmental Education

Hennepin County Environmental Education

Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom – MN Department of Agriculture

Natural Resources Field Trip Digital Discovery Packet - University of Minnesota Extension 

The following lessons are Protect WET program materials and adapted lessons by the MN DNR (MinnAqua Program) through an agreement with the National Project WET Foundation. 

MinnAqua Leaders Guide (Free online download) - This complete guide offers educators a comprehensive look at aquatic life, habitat and fishing. Check out the several resources provided for all educators - both formal and non-formal, resource professionals, recreational leaders and parents. 

Macro Invertebrates ("Macro Mayhem") - Discover the world of fresh water living critters! Macro invertebrates are an indicator of water quality. Discover cool facts and identify these amazing creatures and find them in your local bodies of water…it just may show you how healthy your neighborhood water really is! (Full Color Macro Chart)

The Water Cycle ("The Incredible Journey") - Discover how a water droplet moves through our earth’s water systems such as: lakes, rivers, and oceans. Imagine you are a water droplet traveling through these places and map your journey! Where will you spend most of your time as a water droplet? Can you guess….let’s find out!

MN Educators and Parents: Interested in more awesome water lessons and ideas? Check out the MN Project WET website and get trained in Project WET! Take the online course and get a complete 2.0 WET Curriculum Guide mailed right to your door! Lots of hands-on activities that meet state, NGSS and Common Core standards.

Resource for schools, educators and at-home learners - Check out the National Project WET site for details and fun materials for your schools and homes-new Distance Learning Package (WETconnect) online learning coming soon!

Discover Water (Game Website) - Have fun playing games and learning about our Blue Planet! Meet Bridger the Water Dog and find out what watery adventures he is “Sniffing Up!”