Thank You Notes

Every year we receive many great thank you notes and cards from children that attend the festival. We would like to share a few of them with you. Just click on any of the icons below to see some examples.

The heartfelt comments and hand-drawn pictures we receive tell us how much the festival means to the children. They remind us why it’s worth all the hard work, volunteer time, and expense required to produce the festival each year. If you’d like to express your support for the festival and help ensure that it continues (annually), please consider becoming a Children’s Water Festival sponsor.

Favorite quotes:

Student exploring water tension inside a giant bubble

“One thing I liked was the play and it was good paper mache. And they did a great job putting it up. Another thing I liked was the story of the dissappearing waterfall. It was very interesting and amazing how over time water can do that. Another thing I liked the Science Museum. It was cool how much water there is in teh world. 3% is freshwater but only 1% we can drink. That was very cool. So thank you for bringing us to all the stations.” – Michael

“Water helps us survive so we can live through our lifes and we get to go to colleges and drink lots of water” – David

“By the way, thanks for everything. From A to Z it was 100% awesome! Can you please say thank you to Jynne our guide. If you can thanks! Oh and I wasn’t lying.” – Sincerely, Grace

“Dear Water Festival staff, I love everywhere we went, but one of my favorites was Water Water From the River To the River. Like our science teachers says ‘All the water we have is all the water we’ll get’, and they way you explained how our water won’t just stay clean we have ot make it stay clean and how you would inspire people to do great things. I also liked How Do Fish Get Mercury. I get now how dangerous it is and if you inhale to much you could die, and it was in schools! Plus, it comes from factories. Thank you for all of it! I was very well organized and you were a great guide!”
– Kayla

“I had a very good time at the Water Festival. It was very well organized! Our leader brought us everywhere! I liked the play where if you dump stuff down city drains. They run into fresh water and then kills animals. Thank you it was a great time!” – Ryan

“Thanks for holding the Water Festival! It was sooo great that I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes about how to save our water.” – Sincerely Alex

class guides
Some of our awesome class guides waiting to meet their class.